KONICOF supports Korea’s leading role in the international nuclear
energy community.

Bilateral Cooperation

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KONICOF plays a central role in bilateral cooperation on nuclear energy by managing the entire process from organizing bilateral joint committees on nuclear energy to executing follow-up measures.

Bilateral Cooperation with Advanced Nuclear Technology Nations

  • Holding bilateral nuclear energy joint committees with the U.S., France, Russia, India, China and Saudi Arabia, while supporting cooperation in the fields of R&D, decontamination and decommissioning technology development, nuclear safety, etc., through sustainable cooperation channels in bilateral discussions
  • Systematic organization of joint activities with advanced nations and nations developing nuclear energy to build foundation for nuclear technology export and develop systems of cooperation

New Partner Nations in Nuclear Energy Cooperation

KONICOF is creating channels to form contacts between institutions and generate new cooperative projects in a wide range of fields including R&D, nuclear fuel, safety, security, etc., through a growing number of agreements with new partner nations in nuclear energy and nuclear cooperation seminars. Also, to promote the Korean model, it works to build foundations for the export of reactors and nuclear technology through the sharing of accumulated knowhow and advanced technologies in Korea’s power generation and non-power generation sectors.