KONICOF supports Korea’s leading role in the international nuclear
energy community.


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Dear visitors,welcome to the website of KONICOF. I am Yang Lee-suk, Director General of KONICOF.

Nuclear energy is a form of clean energy that generates very little carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming. Moreover, the uranium fuel used in nuclear energy offers clear advantages such as stable pricing and long-term use compared to fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, making it ideal for Korea, a nation without natural energy resources.

It is a fact that nuclear energy provides over 30% of the electricity consumed in Korea, allowing our people to enjoy modern comforts and industrial development. Nuclear technology is not only used in power generation, but also in a wide range of useful applications for our daily lives and industries, such as cancer treatment, industrial measurement and nondestructive testing, breed improvement in agriculture, food preservation, semiconductors and new material development.

Continued research and development of nuclear energy is crucial for Korea to continue generating electricity for daily and industrial use, while also using nuclear technologies developing medical, agricultural and advanced industries. Furthermore, our goal is to join the ranks of the world’s leading nations in nuclear technology, and to develop nuclear energy as an export industry.

To achieve these goals, we need to establish a stable system of independent nuclear technology development, while maintaining close research partnerships with nations that are advanced in nuclear technology; we need to share our technology and knowhow with emerging nuclear energy nations to build a foundation for export partnerships in the long run.

To this end, KONICOF actively assists in the international activities of government ministries and public institutions in the field of nuclear energy, while developing and operating training programs to develop the capacities of nuclear technology professionals, and supporting the export activities of nuclear technology corporations.

KONICOF promises its increasing support for international cooperation, training and export in the nuclear energy sector by government bodies, public institutions and corporations; this will lead to a future in which Korea is a leading export nation in nuclear energy and nuclear technology.

Thank you.